Summer Reading

Now that summer has “unofficially” begun, we have free range to talk about all things summer! From picnics to summer blockbusters to days at the beach to summer reading. Whether you’re on vacation or having lunch in the park, you will probably have some extra time to enjoy a good book. David Brooks’ shared some suggestions in his New York Times’ column. Here’s a list of summer reading ideas from The Boston Globe. On the spiritual side, you might want to check out Fr. Jim Martin’s new book, Jesus or two new books on mercy — one featuring a collection of Pope Francis’ writings and one written by Cardinal Walter Kasper who some call the pope’s theologian. Share these recommendations with young adults and talk about what’s on their summer reading list:

  • What books are on your reading list this summer?
  • What authors do you turn to for spiritual inspiration?
  • What’s the last book you read that had a meaningful impact on you? Would it be something to consider for a young adult book club?

Take a look at this Step-by-Step program for ideas for starting a book club with young adults — this summer or beyond!