Summer Olympics

This week, attention will turn to athletes gathering in London from around the world for the Summer Olympics. Television and online media will be filled with images of competitors swimming, running, tumbling, and yes — even performing dressage. There will be plenty to celebrate during The Games — people are already rejoicing over the participation of the first Saudi Arabian women in the Olympics. Athletes will see highs and lows — something we can all relate to. Talk with young adults about their favorite Olympic memories and what lessons they’ve learned from victorious, or even not so victorious, athletes. You might even plan a young adult Opening Ceremonies Viewing Party for this Friday and invite guests to bring food from different countries competing in the games.

  • What are your favorite Olympic memories? Favorite Olympic athletes?
  • What lessons have you learned from the athletes you’ve seen compete?
  • What do these athletes teach us about living through the highs and lows of life — even of our own personal spiritual journeys?

Stay tuned…this Friday Busted Halo debuts “Busted Halo Spiritual Olympics” featuring some spiritual greats and tips for staying fit in our faith lives.