Summer Movies

During the summer months, it’s hard to imagine that any features on the silver screen will be meaningful because summertime is notorious for its action-packed movies. Yet, so far, a few movies stand out from the crowd for their spiritual value. First, The Fault in Our Stars, a touching and emotionally intense movie about young cancer patients, teaches its audience a lesson in appreciating a life filled with loved ones. Moreover, it emphasizes gratitude for one’s life, while also highlighting the fact that death affects everyone, not just the person who dies. And although it may be an action movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past has a similar essence of spirituality behind its superhero scenes. The movie focuses on the importance of community, while similar movies (The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier) demonstrate virtues such as faith and hope. Share these articles (this one and this one) with young adults (and maybe see the movies, too!) and discuss what we can learn about our own spiritual lives from summer blockbusters:

  • In what ways do big summer action movies hurt/help today’s culture connect with its spirituality?
  • What are some big movies that you’ve seen that have themes (they can be “hidden” or not-so-apparent) of spirituality?
  • Why do you think that summer is the most popular time for big blockbuster movies? When do you think is the best time to release thoughtful/spiritual movies? Why?