Spiritual Cinema

Last week, this year’s Oscar nominations were announced — sandwiched between the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards. Besides who wore what well (or not) on the red carpet, there are some pretty moving movies in the mix this awards season. Themes of family, survival, justice, and relationships are just a few of the many issues covered in this year’s nominated films. Share this run down of the Best Picture nominees from Busted Halo with young adults. Ask them what movies from the list they have seen — or plan to see — and have a discussion about the films of the moment:

  • What themes have you observed in this year’s movies? What themes resonate with you the most?
  • Were any of the movies you’ve seen challenging to watch? Why?
  • What spiritual themes did you notice in the movies you’ve seen?
  • How have any of the films you’ve seen reflected struggles you’ve faced in your own life? What questions did they bring up?

This discussion might lead to a young adult movie night! Consider seeing one of this year’s Best Picture nominees and having a discussion about it afterward. Check out the previews online to get an idea of what each movie is about. Depending on your group, one might have broader appeal than others.