Soothe the Mind — Outdoors

A new study from researchers at Stanford University shows that taking a walk in nature improves our mental health, specifically boosting our moods. The study examined the tendency that city dwellers have to brood or ruminate on the negative. The study probably confirms what we might already know from personal experience, but in a world where many of us spend a lot of time inside urban offices, the brain science behind it gives us an extra push to get outdoors. Share this article about the study with young adults and talk about ways you take care of your mental health. BONUS: Head outdoors to the park or churchyard for the discussion.

  • How much time to you estimate you spend outdoors on a daily/weekly basis?
  • How might you incorporate more outdoor time into your daily routine?
  • What other tips can you share for improving your overall mental well-being amidst the stress of daily life?
  • What spiritual practices improve your mood?