Social Media Storms

With tornado season underway and severe weather happening from coast to coast, a story on NPR today examined the role of social media in tracking such weather events. The story talks about an experiment using social media to help the public response to tornados. It also revealed some of the downside to social media and its accuracy, specifically tweets with unreliable information. Social media is embedded in our everyday lives and interactions with others. Talk with young adults about social media innovations and how they can use social media to help their faith and spiritual lives:

  • What social media innovations help your everyday life? What apps do you find make your life easier or even more fulfilling?
  • How do you think you could use social media to improve your faith life?
  • What apps do you use to help you meet your spiritual needs? What would you recommend to others?
  • How might your young adult group better connect to one another through social media?