Social Media Connects Us in Tragedy

After the Boston Marathon bombings last week, many of the people affected in the Boston area used social media to locate loved ones and communicate safety. Messages of care and concern and requests for prayer also flooded Facebook and Twitter feeds. Busted Halo’s® Matt Weber recalled the flurry of messages he received to make sure he was ok given his proximity to the blasts. More and more, instant communication and instant prayer concerns are transmitted via social media. Share Matt’s article and this article with young adults and discuss how social media communication is making a difference in their lives:

  • What friends or family in the Boston area or at the marathon did you communicate with last week via social media?
  • How has this sort of communication changed your life? Do you think it keeps you more or less connected to the people who are close to you?
  • Do you use social media to share or ask for prayers? What do you think about these requests when you see them from others? How do you respond?

Say a prayer for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and those affected by similar acts of violence in our country and around the world.