Social Effects of Lent

We are approaching the two-week mark of Lent. Depending on the sacrifice or challenge you’ve decided to take on this year, it is probably starting to have a  significant effect on your life — spiritually, socially, physically, etc. Fasting from alcohol? Maybe you’re skipping happy hour with friends. Fasting from Facebook? You might have missed an impromptu meet-up with friends. Volunteering each week? You might opt out of a party, going to the movies, or other social activity. Share Busted Halo’s “5 Authors 40 Days” blog with young adults. It features the Lenten journeys of five writers who reflect on how their Lenten challenges are making a difference in their own lives:

  • What social or physical effects is your Lenten challenge having in your life? What spiritual meaning are you finding in your sacrifice or challenge?
  • Have you had a difficult time with your originally chosen challenge? Have you made amendments or even clarified the “rules” in your own mind?
  • What Lenten sacrifices or challenges among your friends or family stand out to you?
  • Do you feel called to add or start a new Lenten spiritual practice at this point in the Lenten season? If so, what — and why?