Sochi 2014

All eyes are on Sochi, Russia, as the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be played there for the next two weeks. The world’s greatest athletes will gather to compete, but the Olympic Games are about more than medals. They are unique opportunities for people — and nations — from around the world to come together to celebrate a spirit of hope. Despite political or economic differences, countries come to celebrate a common human experience: playing sports. Share Craig Smith’s article for Busted Halo about the lessons we can learn from the Olympics. And ask young adults how the games inspire them:

  • Craig Smith writes about hope — are there other spiritual themes that you see in the Olympic Games?
  • How have you experienced sports — Olympics and otherwise — bring people together? What significance do sports have in your life?
  • Are there specific sports or athletes that you will be following during the Winter Games?

Tune in to Busted Halo February 17 for the “Spiritual Olympics” — an examination of some of the spiritual greats and tips for how to stay spiritually fit in our own lives.