‘Skyfall’ and Lent

Did you know there was a connection between James Bond … and Lent? Well — the new Bond movie Skyfall has some very Lenten themes (mortality, evaluating our way of life, changing for the better). Share this Busted Halo article with young adults and talk about what connections they see between this movie and their own Lenten journey. Skyfall is out on DVD, so this might make for an interesting young adult movie night gathering and discussion!

  • Do you think the movie Skyfall  — or even another movie you’ve seen — exemplify some of the themes of Lent? What are those themes?
  • How do you relate to the themes of mortality, self-evaluation, and change during your personal Lenten journey? How have you seen them play out for you this year?
  • What specific practices are you using this Lent to help you focus more on your relationship with God? What challenges or insights have these practices brought you?