School Bus Bullies Apologize

The news story last week about teens in Rochester, N.Y., bullying their 68-year-old bus monitor shocked and saddened TV and Internet news viewers. There’s been an outpouring of support for bus monitor Karen Klein and a barrage of threats against the teens. The boys have apologized and Klein says she will not press charges. This story reveals elements of both evil and compassion. How do we react when faced with confrontation or when we’re bullied by enemies? Read this article and if you haven’t already, watch the video that recorded the incident then have a conversation with young adults about their reactions:

  • What was your reaction when you saw this video or heard about this news story?
  • How do you think society/the school district should respond?
  • In what ways did Karen Klein model Christ in her actions/reactions to the bullies? How do you think you might have responded if you were in her shoes?