Saying Goodbye

Last week there were a number of sad and notable deaths in the celebrity world: David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Rene Angelil. All three died of cancer — and too soon. Death is so difficult and painful for the families and close friends of those who pass away. We also feel a great loss at the contributions that these celebrities and others in our lives have made to society and to us personally. Talk with young adults about their reaction to these deaths and take some time to talk about how they grieve and comfort others during times of loss.

  • What was your reaction to the losses in the celebrity world last week? What do you think were these men’s greatest contributions?
  • What words would you use to describe the loss of a close relative or friend?
  • How do you remember those close to you who have passed away?
  • What actions have you received — or taken — that provide comfort during grief?