Rewriting “People” Cover Lines

Last week, People magazine released its list of the “sexiest” men alive. The winner — Channing Tatum. Society’s (and celebrity magazines’) tendency to rank and idolize celebrities based on their outward appearance and sex appeal overlooks the inner beauty and appeal of someone’s spirit or soul. Of course, that might not sell as many magazines, but we could write some great cover lines about “tireless work for peace,” “grace under pressure,” or “compassion in the toughest moments.” Ask young adults to think of the people they know who display true inner beauty in their daily lives. Provide notecards and envelopes for young adults to write notes to the people who would make their “most caring,” “most spiritual,” “most giving” lists. Ask them to share a “cover line” that captures the essence of the person they are writing to. Encourage them to include that in the letter or on the back of the envelope.