November is a month of remembrance. From All Saints and All Souls day to Veterans Day, we are called to a special time of remembering and honoring those we have lost. With tragic events like the Russian plane crash in Egypt over the weekend and the rising death toll as refugees flee the Middle East for Europe, we are reminded of the many souls we don’t even know in the larger world “who from their labors rest.” Talk with young adults about those who come to mind at this time of remembrance:

  • Who do you remember this All Souls Day? What veterans in your family or community will you honor later this month?
  • What special rituals do you use to mark the impact they have had on your life?
  • What is your reaction to the tragic deaths of the plane crash and lives lost as refugees flee to Europe? How do you feel called to respond?
  • Invite young adults to spend some quiet time in prayer for those they remember at this time of year. You might adapt this Virtual Retreat of Remembrance from Busted Halo for your time together or suggest it as a resource for personal reflection.