Remembering Dean Smith

Over the weekend, college basketball lost one of its greats when Dean Smith, who led the North Carolina Tar Heels on and off the court, passed away. Smith led the team to two National Championships and notably coached NBA superstar Michael Jordan. Players, colleagues, and others are remembering Smith as a force for greatness on and off the court. He fought for integration of the North Carolina basketball team and also worked to integrate restaurants in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, alongside members of his church.

There will be many tributes to Smith in the coming days and weeks as college sports fans gear up for March Madness. Share these remembrances of Dean Smith with young adults and talk about the people who have helped “coach” them in their lives.

  • What do you know about Dean Smith’s legacy?
  • Who are the people who have helped coach you to achieve great things in your life? What have they taught you?
  • How do you share their example with others?
  • Who are the sports heros who you look up to?