Put Down That 20 oz. Soda!

You may have heard that the mayor of New York City has championed a ban on sodas and other sweetened drinks sold in containers larger than 16 oz. The mayor cites the ban as a huge step toward curbing obesity and promoting healthier lifestyles among the city’s residents and visitors. The Busted Halo Question Box responds to a question about whether indulging in over-sized beverages is considered gluttony. Share this Q/A with young adults, ask them what they think, and come up with some ideas for promoting healthy eating in your parish:

  • Do you think drinking a 20 oz. soda is a sin?
  • What link do you see between your faith and your health? What faith practices keep you healthy? What personal health practices keep you faithful?
  • What are some things your parish or young adult group can do to incorporate healthy eating into your gatherings and activities?