Presidential Faith

Even though we’re 18 months from the 2016 presidential election, the campaigning has begun! With four (so far) candidates officially announcing their bid to become the next president, Busted Halo decided to take a look at the faith and convictions of each candidate for the Democrats and Republicans. Each candidate has their own unique faith story and examples of how their faith has informed their political views and decisions. Share these articles about the presidential candidates’ faith (Democrats and Republicans) and talk with young adults about their take:

  • Did you learn anything about the candidates’ faith backgrounds that you didn’t know before? Anything that surprised you?
  • What qualities would you like to see in the next president of the United States?
  • Are their any political leaders (past or present) who you feel did/do a good job of living out or witnessing to their faith in the public sphere? What do you admire about them?