Pope Francis Turns 1

This week we celebrate the election of Pope Francis in 2013. Hard to believe that it’s been one year since Jorge Bergoglio appeared in the window overlooking St. Peter’s Square and we all wondered 1) Who he was and 2) What kind of pope he would be. The first year of his papacy has brought many surprises and moments captured on film and video that warm our hearts. The secular media (TIME, Rolling Stone, and many more) have been enamored with what he says and does. Share this article about Pope Francis’ latest interview and ask young adults what Francis moments stand out to them:

  • What is your favorite Pope Francis moment? How have his actions and words affected your spiritual life?
  • What do you think of the rest of the world’s (outside the Church) reaction to him?
  • How do you think Pope Francis has changed people’s perceptions of the Church? How do you think things have stayed the same?