Pokémon GO to Church

Pokémon GO, a new “augmented reality” game, uses GPS coordinates to place animated Pokémon at locations in the real world. Many churches are designated as “Gyms” or “Pokéstops” within the game and, consequently, are seeing a bizarre increase in foot traffic.

Check out this podcastfrom the Busted Halo Radio Show where Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, talks with Mike Carter-Conneen, a reporter for ABC 7 News in Washington D.C. Carter-Conneen explains the Pokémon Go craze and its impact on businesses, churches, and the future of technology altogether.

  • How does Pokémon GO relate to our Catholic faith?
  • Is it disrespectful to the churches that are designated “Gyms” or “Pokéstops” in the game? Or does the game offer a new opportunity to bring people into the house of God?
  • What other faith and culture connections are you noticing this summer?