Playful Easter Treat “Art”

Every year The Washington Post holds a contest that welcomes readers to create “colorful marshmallow interpretations of politics, pop culture and more” using Peeps, the Easter candy that’s traditionally in peep or bunny form. The contest is a way of playfully looking back at some of the most popular news and culture stories of the year. Take a look and have a conversation with young adults about how humor has a role to play in our faith. (And have a few Peeps handy to munch on while you discuss.)

Discussion questions:

  • Sometimes we forget the playful and joyful aspects of our faith. What about your faith in God brings you great joy? (If you’re looking for hints, try some of the Psalms.)
  • What are the parts of creation that make you smile or laugh?
  • Has humor or a good laugh with friends ever helped you during a difficult time? Tell us about it.
  • Jesus was fully God and fully human — so that probably means he laughed. What do you imagine might have made Jesus — and the disciples — laugh?