‘Out in the Cold’

This winter has been brutal, and last week even the Southern part of the United States was dealing with ice, snow, and “Arctic blast” temperatures. While for many the cold is merely an inconvenience, for the homeless it is something worse. Physically, the bitter cold can cause hypothermia and necrotic limbs, possibly leading to infection, paralysis and, in some cases, death. But beyond the physical consequences, it’s hard to think of anything more lonely or hopeless than being lost in the cold and dark.

Share this article with ideas for how young adults might reach out to their homeless neighbors during this bitterly cold winter season. Have a conversation about how they are called to help others:

  • After reading the article, in what ways might you help the homeless in your community this winter?
  • If it’s not cold in your part of the world, what are other ways you might help the homeless or those in need in your community?
  • What stories from the Bible do you feel represent Jesus’ call to help others? Which one of those stories is inspirational to you?
  • During the season of Lent, how do you plan to practice almsgiving? Do your practices of fasting or prayer have a direct connection to helping others? How might you make that a part of your Lenten practice?