‘Of God, Tolkien, and Hobbits’

The first film in a new three-part series based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit opened in theaters earlier in December. Busted Halo‘s Anthony Chiorazzi who is studying at Oxford — Tolkien’s stomping grounds — takes a look at the writer’s Catholic background and the religious themes that permeate Tolkien’s writing. Share this article with young adults and plan a Hobbit movie night or a Lord of the Rings marathon and look at some of the religious symbols and themes in the movies. Here are a few discussion questions:

  • Did anything in Chiorazzi’s article surprise you? What other authors do you know who incorporate religious themes in their fiction? What do you enjoy about Tolkien’s (or another author’s) writing?
  • What’s your favorite Tolkien character? Why? What do she/he symbolize for you?