NFL and Domestic Violence

By now, every American, football fan or not, has heard about the video of Ray Rice assaulting his fiancé (now wife) in a hotel elevator. It has started one of the largest conversations surrounding domestic violence that we’ve seen in a while. Fans of one of America’s favorite past times are asking questions about what their favorite players are doing off of the field.

We also have to wonder how much the NFL knew about the domestic violence allegations surrounding Rice and the tape controversy. Why was there initially only a two-game suspension? How has the NFL handled incidents in the past? It’s no secret that the domestic violence arrest rate among NFL players is unacceptable. Domestic violence is an issue that is often silenced and hidden from plain sight. How the NFL chooses to deal with the latest slew of incidents will inevitably make an impactful statement.

Share some of the articles linked above with young adults and talk about their opinions:

  • What’s your reaction to the Ray Rice video and controversy about how the NFL has handled Rice and other players accused of domestic violence and other criminal acts?
  • Do you think fans should take a stand and stop watching until the NFL starts taking domestic violence more seriously? Should fans write letters? What’s the best way to take a stand?
  • Do you look to sports figures like Rice and others to be role models? What responsibility do you think they have to living up to these kinds of expectations?
  • The Ray Rice controversy has shed light on the issue of domestic violence. What do you think your young adult group, campus ministry, or parish could do to raise awareness about this important issue and encourage healthy relationships?