New Pope — Now What?

Habemus Papam! We have a new pope — now what? The past few weeks the rest of the world has been focused on Rome, the retirement of one pope, and the selection of another! Now Pope Francis is sitting in the Chair of St. Peter. What happens next? Busted Halo has a few ideas about some of the first steps the new pope will take to settle in to his new home and Rome and get to work. Young adults might identify with the transitions that lie ahead of the new pope. Talk with them about the transitions they’ve faced in their own lives:

  • Given what you’ve heard and seen in the media over the past few days — what do you think of Pope Francis?
  • What kinds of transitions do you think the new pope will face? What challenges does he face?
  • What’s a time in your life where you’ve transitioned into a new job or new home? What helped you during your transition?
  • What advice would you give the new pope?