Mystery Red Kettle Donor

We’re all familiar with the red kettles and ringing bells of the Salvation Army that take residence on sidewalks and outside of grocery stores at this time of year. At some locations across the United States, mystery donors have dropped gold coins into the kettles for some 15 years — an extremely generous donation to help others in need during the Christmas season. Share this article about the mystery donors with young adults and talk about ways you might show some extreme generosity this Advent/Christmas season:

  • What are some examples of extreme generosity you’ve seen in others during the Christmas season? (Note: This doesn’t need to be limited to monetary gifts.)
  • What have you learned from the Bible about generosity and gift giving? What biblical gifts do you recall?
  • What are some ways you might practice extreme generosity this Advent/Christmas season? How might you be more generous to yourself this time of year?