Modern King of Kings?

Last week a new King was crowned in Amsterdam for the first time since 1890. Though the new King of the Netherlands holds little political power, the immense symbolic importance of a new monarch was cause for a great deal of celebration across the country. Depending on your country, you might be unfamiliar with the concept of a political or symbolic king, but as Christians we ought to be fairly familiar with the notion of a heavenly king. Share this article with your young adults and consider:

  • Do you follow the royals of your (or another) country? If you don’t have the real thing, who do you think might fulfill the roles of symbolic or political monarchs in your country? Celebrities? Politicians? Others?
  • What can we learn about Christ as the King of Kings in an age when many monarchs no longer have political power?
  • What differentiates Christ from the symbolic monarchs we create in our own culture?
  • What do you think draws people to the royals of today? What drew people to the King of Kings? Who are/were their detractors?