Maya Angelou on Faith

Maya Angelou, best known for her writing and commitment to civil rights, passed away last week. Her beautiful poems were a source of inspiration. She was a dancer, a streetcar driver, a single mother, an activist, and a role model for many. The literary world has lost a powerful, beautiful voice. Angelou was a woman of faith — and some of her thoughts and words on faith were captured in this Huffington Post remembrance. Share this article with young adults, read through Maya Angelou’s quotes about faith (you might read them aloud when you gather together), and use these discussion questions to start a conversation:

  • What quotes about faith from Maya Angelou — or a line from her poems and other writings — resonate with you? Why?
  • Angelou said, “There is no place where God is not.” What are the unexpected places where you have found God this week?
  • Maya Angelou was known not only as a phenomenal writer, but as a warm and caring person and a mentor to many. Who are your mentors and what are the characteristics that draw you to them?