‘Losing Our Religion’

An NPR series called “Losing Our Religion” looks at why more and more people are moving away from religion. (One-fifth of Americans say they’re nones or have no religious affiliation and one in three of these “nones” is under 30.) This means that young adults who are active in their faith have friends, co-workers, and family members who are “nones.” Share this series with young adults and discuss their reactions to it and some of the reasons they are part of a faith community. You might specifically share this article/podcast, which includes interviews and discussion with six young adult “nones.”

  • What did you think of the interviews? Could you relate or identify with anyone’s story?
  • If one of these people were a close friend, what might to say to address their questions about faith and religion?
  • What parts of your faith are the most meaningful to you? How might you share these with someone who isn’t an active member of a faith community?
  • Ask young adults to commit to talking with one of their friends who they think is not as active in her/his faith about some of the meaningful things they mentioned in the discussion.