Graduation Touches Hearts

We’re in the season of graduations and last week, one touching show of support at a 5-year-old’s kindergarten graduation was especially moving. Young Tatum Raetz was graduating from kindergarten just a few days after her father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. Police officers in Phoenix where Tatum’s dad served showed up by the hundreds to celebrate her graduation. Share this moving video with young adults and talk about the importance of remembering those who are living with loss:

  • We celebrated Memorial Day this week — a day dedicated to remember those who have sacrificed their lives serving their countries and local communities. How do you remember the people important to your life who have passed away? What practices or rituals to you observe? How do you celebrate their lives?
  • The young girl in the video faced the challenge of celebrating a special moment in her life without her father. How have you personally dealt with the loss of a loved one at a special time in your life? How might you support others at these times in their lives when the feelings of loss might be more intense?
  • Who do you know who is graduating this year? How will you celebrate their accomplishments?