A Kind Hero

The story of Antoinette Duff confronting a would-be shooter two weeks ago at an elementary school in Georgia and convincing him to lay down his weapons touched all of us. With other school shootings ending so terribly in the past, this story was a true example of light shining in the darkness. You can watch Antoinette’s interview with the local news and also listen to the tense 911 call where her courage and kindness are on full display. There are so many elements of faith at play here — Antoinette’s own personal faith and the credit she gives to God for getting her through the ordeal, the compassion and kindness she shows to the shooter, and her nonviolent, courageous response in the face of violence. Busted Halo’s Caitlin Kennell Kim reflected on Antoinette’s kindness and compared it to Jesus’ message to be lambs among wolves. Who knows? Our own meekness and kindness in the face of evil might just change the world. Share Caitlin’s article with young adults and have a discussion:

  • What was your reaction when you first heard this story?
  • How has your own faith helped you during a difficult situation? How did God intervene?
  • What did you think of Caitlin’s reflection on Jesus’ teaching to be lambs among wolves? What are some examples from history and the world today of Jesus’ teaching?
  • How does Jesus’ teaching challenge you in your everyday life? How can you show meekness and kindness in the face of evil?