Jon Stewart Leaving

Last month, Jon Stewart announced that he would be leaving his long-time gig as host of “The Daily Show.” Stewart’s brand of humor and “reporting” have shaped many young people’s views of politics and world events. Some might even cite him as their primary news source! While Stewart’s actual departure is still TBD and probably several months away, we thought you might talk with young adults about the way Jon Stewart and other comedians have affected their view of the media, current events, and world news.

Here’s a clip of Jon’s departure announcement you can share to get the conversation going:—jon-s-announcement

  • What comedians or celebrities have shaped your view of current events? What attracts you to their comedy or reporting?
  • How have these favorite comedians/celebrities talked about religion or the Catholic Church? What did you think of their approach?
  • How as Jon Stewart, specifically affected your view of the world? What do you think about his departure?
  • What are your go-to news sources for current event, world news, and even Church news?