Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath

Much of the Northeastern Coast of the United States is recovering from damage, flooding, power outages, and food, water, and gas shortages related to Hurricane Sandy. The loss of life and property is devastating. Those who were affected are struggling to put their lives back together. Busted Halo‘s Elizabeth Desimone, a New Orleans native, wrote this moving reflection: “Gulf Coast to Northeast: We Get It.” Share this article with young adults and talk about some of the questions that might come up after we see such a tragedy unfold and what we can do to help:

  • Where do you see God’s presence in the midst of life’s storms? Where is God in the aftermath?
  • How do you reconcile the suffering you might have seen or heard in the news about Sandy — or heard from friends or even experienced firsthand — with what you believe about God’s love and presence in our lives?
  • Was there something particular in Elizabeth’s article that resonated with you? Why?
  • What are the ways you individually or your young adult group together might help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy? Looking for ideas? Try the Red Cross and Catholic Charities.