Nepal: How To Help

The devastating earthquake that hit Nepal April 25 has left thousands dead and thousands more injured. Homes have been destroyed and entire villages flattened. Aftershocks have a terrifying effect on survivors who are trying their very best to help their neighbors and themselves recover from the disaster. As we watch the events unfold from afar, we wonder, “How can I help?” This article addresses an age-old debate about sending money v. sending stuff to disaster areas. (SPOILER: Send money.) The article also supplies lessons learned from past disasters. Catholic Relief Services and its partner, Caritas Nepal, are working to help survivors meet immediate needs. Talk about the Christian call to charity and helping others with young adults and brainstorm ways to help:

  • Name some biblical examples of helping others. What are contemporary versions of these examples?
  • What did you think of the “Global Post” article about sending money v. sending stuff? How have you helped disaster victims in the fast?
  • Think about the ways your young adult group might contribute to relief efforts. For example, have a summer yard sale or other fundraiser and send the proceeds to Catholic Relief Services.
  • Finish your time together by saying a prayer for the earthquake’s victims and survivors.