One of the most popular movies in the United States continues to be Gravity, a drama set in space that orbits out of control when astronauts are disconnected from their lifelines on earth and must struggle to survive on their own. There are many spiritual themes in the movie — rebirth, prayer, creation. Share this reflection on the film from Busted Halo’s Louis Sullivan with young adults. Get together and go to the movies and use these discussion questions to talk about the film and the important spiritual issues it addresses:

  • Gravity’s main character, astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock, confronts and overcomes many obstacles in the film. What do you think helps her on her mission? What helps you when life becomes too much to handle?
  • What role did prayer play in the film? How do you incorporate prayer into your spiritual life? What prayers are most meaningful to you?
  • The movie takes place in space — with a grand view of earth and God’s creation. What parts of creation are most beautiful to you? Where might you like to travel to see more of it?