Giving Shelter

Last week a 60 Minutes segment highlighted the work of homeless advocates to get people living on the streets into permanent homes — as quickly as possible. These advocates say the benefits are immense, for the homeless and society at large. With a brutal winter hitting much of the United States, those who live without shelter are particularly vulnerable and turn to emergency shelters and clinics for care. Check out “100,000 Homes” and watch the video of the segment. And Anderson Cooper’s “How I See Homeless People Now” video segment is particularly moving. Then have a conversation with young adults:

  • What was your reaction to the videos?
  • Have you ever encountered someone who is homeless? Do you know someone who is homeless? Has there ever been a homeless person visit your parish? How have you tried to help them?
  • The people featured in the news report face many challenges in their lives, in addition to being homeless. In addition to shelter, what needs did you see? How do you think society might work to meet them?
  • Talk about ways you might work with the homeless you see in your community or others who face poverty, hunger, long-term unemployment, or problems with substance abuse. How is God calling your young adult group or your entire parish to work with the wider community and those in need?