Focus on the Heroes

Last week’s deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College yet again shattered our sense of safety and renewed calls for sensible gun control laws in the United States. It’s important to remember that during tragedies like these, there are always people who step forward and help, sometimes even save lives. That was the case for Army veteran Chris Mintz who stood up to the gunman and kept him from entering his classroom at UCC. Share Chris’ story with young adults and talk about the everyday heroes we sometimes overlook. Close with a time of prayer for the victims and their families and also the survivors of this terrible attack:

  • What was your reaction to the news of the shooting in Oregon? What is your reaction to Chris’ heroic acts in the face of violence?
  • What other stories have you heard in the wake of the shooting about others who have stepped forward to help and offer comfort?
  • Who are the heroes you encounter in your everyday life — or the people in the shadows who heroic acts often go unnoticed? What makes them heroes in your eyes?