First World (Cable) Problems

You may have read about the reaction (nay, overreaction) in towns along the Connecticut shoreline when their cable went out last weekend. There were reports of people calling 911 after missing their favorite TV shows and sporting events. It’s easy to think that something is a big deal when in fact, it isn’t. And in a world where we can have anything we want, when we want it (practically), our demands increase. Hello first world problems! Share this article with young adults and discuss how we all overreact from time to time and how we might keep an eye on what’s really important:

  • What is wrong with people when they call 911 to report their cable is out?
  • When have you overreacted to a “first world problem”? Looking back, how would you respond now?
  • What blessings or privileges do you take for granted? How might you show your gratitude to God and others for all that you have?