Feeling Secure

Recently, there was a White House security breach that called into question the effectiveness of security measures that are being taken to protect the president. There’s even a short clip of the intruder, Omar Gonzalez, an Iraq War veteran, who had a knife in his pocket at the time of the invasion. Gonzalez barreled past an officer, made it beyond the staircase leading to the first family’s living quarters, and to the doorway of the green room before guards were able to stop him. This isn’t the first time intruders have gotten into the White House or onto the grounds.

Julia Pierson, the director of the secret service has taken full responsibility for the situation and resigned. The security breach has many Americans and lawmakers questioning their own safety, and why so many layers of security were breached so easily. What seems to be concerning the public most is all of the security precautions that weren’t taken and those that were a complete flub.

This brings up feeling safe and secure in our own lives. When that security, or that of our family, is threatened, we are shaken. Our whole well-being — physical, mental, and spiritual — is altered. And speaking of the spiritual, how secure are we in our faith? We all have parts of our spiritual lives that could use growth. The best spiritual relationship with God is one that is not afraid of growth. Use these discussion questions to start a conversation about what makes us feel secure.

  • When have you experienced feelings of being unsafe? How did that affect you physically, mentally, or spiritually?
  • How secure do you feel in your faith? When have you had moments of doubt or times of questioning?
  • How does faith help you feel secure?
  • What are some steps you could take to improve your relationship with God?
  • What are your aspirations for growth in your spiritual life?