Everything Ripples

“Here’s the secret: everyone changes the world. Everything ripples.” — John Murad

Have you ever thought about the affect you have on the world around you? Have you ever felt like you don’t matter? In this recent article on xo.jane.com Alana M illustrates how our presence ripples and changes the lives of others. When Alana went to the dentist for her most recent checkup, the office was surprised that she visited. Due to a mix-up, Alana’s dentist thought that she had died. The dentist’s reaction will astound you.

After the incident, Alana reflects on how powerful her life is and how the loss of her life would have a much greater impact that she realizes. Her example shows us that even though we might not be international rock stars, we leave a considerable footprint on the world. Share this article about the incident and discuss how we take the presence of our lives for granted.

  • What do you think of this article? How did the scenario with the dentist affect you?
  • What impact does your life have on the people around you? Name three positive effects you’ve had on others this week.
  • How has your faith helped you realize the effects you have on the world around you?