Environment! Change! Action!

The Vatican has released Pope Francis’ long-awaited encyclical, Laudato Si. In it, Pope Francis discusses the environment and states that climate change is a very real issue — an issue that human beings can be held accountable for due to our lifestyles and consumption habits. In addition to speaking about climate change at length, Francis devotes time to discussing other environmental problems such as degradation, pollution, water scarcity, and loss of biodiversity. Through this, he emphasizes the fact that the Earth is our home and the home for future generations. We must care for it in order to create a place in which everyone can live safely. We have to leave the world in a better state than the one we were born into. Share this article from Busted Halo about the encyclical — and even the encyclical itself! — with young adults and start a conversation with these questions:

  • What environmental issues do you hope to see covered in the encyclical?
  • Which environmental issue do you think should be prioritized and dealt with first?
  • Do you think it is possible for human beings to change their habits and do their part to turn the environmental crisis around?
  • What are some ways that we can help create a better Earth for the future?