‘Drowning in Debt’

We’re in the midst of graduation season! Along with the celebration, caps, and gowns there’s a more serious subject to address: the overwhelming amount of debt some students take away from their college years. Busted Halo’s Christopher Hale addressed this in a recent article: “Behind lofty commencement addresses about the value of graduates pursuing their dreams and living life to the fullest is the grim reality that so many of those aspirations will be put on hold as graduates struggle to pay off increasingly unbearable amounts of student loan debt.” Share this article about how policy makers are addressing the issue with young adults and have a conversation about student debt and financial decisions overall.

  • What did you think about the article?
  • Did you take out student loans to go to college or graduate school? How do you feel about your student loan debt?
  • How do you practice financial responsibility? What budgeting tips do you have for others?
  • Since we’re at the beginning of summer, what suggestions do you have for free or low-cost summer fun that might help everyone be more budget conscious?