Deep Questions in ‘Breaking Bad’

Over five seasons, Breaking Bad fans have watched Walter White turn to the dark side and continue to damage his own humanity. There are elements of light and dark in many TV and film dramas. What has made Breaking Bad so different from typical shows and movies is the transformation of the main character into such an evil being or anti-hero. Fan of the show or not, we can all take a look at what lessons our favorite Hollywood characters can teach us. Share this article about Breaking Bad with young adults (Warning: They might not all read it if they intend to watch the series on their own). Then have a conversation about what our viewing habits can teach us about ethics and morality:

  • What has Breaking Bad or another television series or movie taught you about choosing good over evil?
  • How does the transformation of a character (from good to bad or vice versa) make you feel about any transformations you’ve experienced in your own life?
  • What anti-hero characters do you identify with? How are their circumstances and experiences relevant in your own life?
  • What television series or movie have you seen lately that in some way teaches an ethical or moral lesson to viewers? What was that message?