Corruption in Sports

The past week has been filled with news of corruption at the highest levels of the world’s most popular sport. An investigation into FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, has led to several indictments and the resignation of FIFA’s head Sepp Blatter. As more soccer officials shed light on the unlawful dealings of FIFA, players and fans are left wondering how things went so wrong and what can be done to hold current and future leadership accountable. When leaders fail, they disappoint us and we might even become disenchanted with the organization, or in this case sport, itself. Talk with young adults about how they reconcile the failings of people in charge:

  • What’s your reaction to the FIFA scandal? How does it make you feel about the sport of soccer?
  • What other examples — from the world of sports or personal examples — do you have of leadership failing to live up to your expectations?
  • How did you respond to these failings? Did they change the way you feel about the organization?
  • What do you imagine could be done to rebuild any trust that was lost?