Catholic Madness

As the Madness of March and college basketball descend upon the sporting world, once again there are many Catholic colleges in the mix. Over the years,GeorgetownMarquetteGonzagaNotre Dame and many other Catholic schools have been a part of the landscape that is men’s and women’s college basketball. Busted Halo’s Craig Smith takes a look at this phenomenon and makes some connections between the values of Catholic education and the results you see on (and off) the court. Share Craig’s article with young adults and use these questions to get a conversation going:

  • What did you think of the article? If you went to a Catholic school, did you experience this connection between Catholic values and all of academic life (sports, clubs, campus ministry, etc.)? If you didn’t go to a Catholic school, what values did you see connecting between different parts of academic life? If you aren’t in or haven’t gone to college — what examples have you seen in college sports or academia that make connections between educational values and the rest of life? (You might even refer to high school, if there are younger young adults in your group.)
  • What lessons do you think sports can teach us that would enhance our faith and everyday life? What are some examples of this from your own experience or stories you’ve heard in the media?
  • What Catholic teams are still in the men’s and women’s tournaments this year? Who are you rooting for?