Blogging Lent

As we begin the fourth week in Lent, we all might need a little encouragement. Or a Lenten reality check. Or kick in the pants. There are lots of digital resources to help keep you in touch with the special intention and meaning this season holds. There’s an app from Catholic Relief Services that accompanies their CRS Rice Bowl Lenten education program. A Lenten Instagram photo-a-day journey from the blog Catholic Sistas. Not to mention the Busted Halo Fast Pray Give Lenten Calendar — it’s like an Advent Calendar, but for Lent! And five Busted Halo writers are blogging about their daily Lenten journeys of fasting from Facebook, silent meditation and prayer, gratitude, fasting from sweets, and writing 40 handrwitten notes to people. Share the “5 Authors 40 Days” blog with young adults and talk about the ways their Lenten journey has been changed by the digital world:

  • How are you using technology or digital media to help you during your Lenten Journey? And — if you’re fasting from some sort of technology or digital media (like Facebook), talk about what that experience has been like?
  • If you could create an app for Lent or church in general, what would it be?
  • There is extra emphasis placed on fasting, prayer, and giving during Lent — how have you given these three (or one or two of them) center stage in your life this Lent?
  • What might you do in the last few weeks of Lent to keep you Lenten spiritual practice at the forefront of your heart and mind?