Best Dressed Pope

Pope Francis has been racking up a lot of honors recently — TIME’s Person of the Year, high approval ratings. But one that most people probably didn’t see coming: Esquire’s Best Dressed Man of 2013. The pope’s simple wardrobe and accessory choices have made him a favorite of not just the folks at Esquire, but Catholics, Christians, and people of all faiths across the globe. Pope Francis’ simplicity is rooted in his spirituality. Share the articles linked above with young adults and use these discussion questions to have a conversation with about how Pope Francis has inspired them to reexamine their own spiritual lives:

  • What message or action of Pope Francis stands out to you?
  • How has the pope changed your view of the papacy or the Catholic Church as a whole?
  • How have the pope’s words/actions affected your own personal spiritual life? What inspiration do you find in Pope Francis?