And the Livin’ Is Easy…

Summer is a time of endless possibilities. Longer days and less school really open up people’s schedules to a whole host of options. Planning activities can be exciting and a bit stressful at times — the number of paths you can take can be overwhelming — in order to achieve the Perfect Summer. Fortunately, ThoughtCatalog features a great little article with a few ideas for your summer so that you can have a lot of fun from now until Labor Day.

However, don’t forget that summer is also a time to deepen your faith and get closer to God. If you’re sitting on the beach, take a second to thank God for the scenery. If you’re at a barbecue, pray for patience when trying to get the hot dogs properly cooked. Don’t forget about your faith when you’re out in the sun!

Make sure to share this article and have a discussion about how God can be an integral part of the summer:

  • What did you think of the article? Do you agree with the way Biakolo outlines a positive summer experience? In your opinion, what’s missing?
  • How do you make sure that God is part of your summer activities?
  • What might you put on a spiritual to-do list this summer?
  • Make sure that when you head out on a summer adventure you take time to reflect on God’s presence in your activity — say a prayer of gratitude for the experience, recognize the wonder of the adventure, or ask God to be with you as you embark on summer fun.