Alicia Keys and #NoMakeup

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Alicia Keys published an essay last week detailing her decision to stop wearing makeup. When a photographer suggested that Keys forego putting on makeup for a photo shoot, Keys admits that, at first, she was shocked and nervous, but once the shoot began, she says it was the “most empowered,” “free,” and “beautiful” she’s ever felt. Keys unpacks the insecurities she has built up since she started wearing makeup in middle school, and she proudly writes about how she has already overcome many of those anxieties since she decided to stop. The essay became an instant sensation, with the hashtag #NoMakeup going viral on Twitter and Instagram.

  • What do you think are the effects of makeup on middle school and high school students?
  • How can pop culture figures like Alicia Keys help encourage young people to love and respect their bodies?