Service and Social Justice

As we move into the seasons of Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas, schedules become busier and to-do lists longer, but that doesn’t mean young adults don’t need a break from all of their “doing” to serve others. Use the ideas in this Step-by-Step Program to plan a volunteer service event that incorporates themes of social justice and Catholic Social Teaching.

The upcoming holiday season can be a busy time for some nonprofits who might need extra help. You might not need to look further than your own parish for a example! And don’t forget to ask young adults if they have suggestions — some of them might work or already volunteer for an organization that could use some extra hands on deck this season. And if you find yourself in/near New York or New Jersey, seek out groups that are working on helping people with recovery and rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. Here’s a link to some local New York/New Jersey volunteer ideas.