The Mission of the Church

One of the ultimate goals of young adult ministry is to help young adults embrace the mission of Christ. Paul Jarzembowski explains the goal and its objectives:

Goal 3: Connecting young adults with the mission of the church in the world — To invite young adults, through healthy relationships, work and studies, to embrace the mission of Christ to promote the building of the kingdom of God in the world today, thereby bringing about the transformation of society. Objectives:

  •   Forming a Christian conscience: To help young adults form their conscience based on the Gospel and on the church’s moral and social teachings.
  •   Educating and working for justice: To provide educational and service opportunities for young adults to practice the Gospel values of justice, peace, and care for the less fortunate in the workplace, at home and in the local community.
  •   Developing leaders for the present and the future: To invite, train, support, and mentor young adults to be leaders in society and church life.

Find other goals and objectives of young adult ministry in the Essentials Section.